Right to Services Act, 2011- Your right to time bound services

The Right to Services Act is a piece of legislation which aims to curb the corruption by ensuring time bound delivery of services to the public by the government officials.

Bihar became the first state in India to enact Right to Service Act on 18 August 2010 and Bihar was the second to enact this bill on 25 July 2011. Several other states, mentioned below, have introduced similar legislation for effectuating the right to service to the citizen like:

  • Bihar,
  • Delhi,
  • Punjab,
  • Rajasthan,
  • Himachal Pradesh,
  • Kerala,
  • Uttarakhand,
  • Haryana,
  • Uttar Pradesh, and
  • Jharkhand .

The common framework of the legislations in various states includes, granting of “right to public services“, which are to be provided to the public by the designated official within the stipulated time frame. Some of the common public services which are to be provided within the fixed time frame as a right under the Acts,

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