Businesses that are Not Allowed in PMEGP Loan

Activ­i­ties Not Allowed in PMEGP: What You Need to Know

The Prime Min­is­ter’s Employ­ment Gen­er­a­tion Pro­gramme (PMEGP) is a spe­cial plan to help peo­ple start small busi­ness­es in India. But there are some things you can’t do under this plan. These are called “pro­hib­it­ed activ­i­ties.” Let’s take a clos­er look at what these activ­i­ties are and why they are not allowed.

Things Relat­ed to Meat and Bad Stuff:
First, there are some busi­ness­es that deal with meat (like from ani­mals) and things that are not good for health. These are not allowed. You also can’t make or sell things that can make peo­ple addict­ed, like cer­tain kinds of cig­a­rettes. Places that sell alco­hol or liquor are also not allowed. Mak­ing tobac­co and sell­ing tod­dy is also on the list of things you can’t do.

Farm­ing and Ani­mals:
Sec­ond, there are cer­tain types of farm­ing and ani­mal busi­ness­es that you can’t do. You can’t grow crops like tea, cof­fee, rub­ber, or raise silk­worms (for silk). Also, busi­ness­es relat­ed to gar­den­ing, flower grow­ing, fish farm­ing, pig farm­ing, and using spe­cial machines for farm­ing are not allowed. This is prob­a­bly because the pro­gram wants to focus on dif­fer­ent types of busi­ness­es and not just farming.

Plas­tic and Envi­ron­ment:
The third thing is about the envi­ron­ment. You can’t make very thin plas­tic bags or con­tain­ers. Also, mak­ing bags from recy­cled plas­tic that are used for food and oth­er things is not allowed. This is because these things are bad for the envi­ron­ment, and the pro­gram wants to pro­tect nature.

Tra­di­tion­al Stuff:
Some tra­di­tion­al things are also not allowed. Mak­ing things from spe­cial wool and cer­tain types of weav­ing are on the list. These things are part of anoth­er pro­gram called the Kha­di Pro­gram, which has dif­fer­ent rules.

Trans­port in Vil­lages:
Last­ly, you can’t start busi­ness­es relat­ed to trans­porta­tion in vil­lages. But in some places like the Andaman & Nico­bar Islands and Jam­mu & Kash­mir, there are excep­tions. In those places, cer­tain types of trans­porta­tion are allowed, like auto rick­shaws and boats for tourists.

So, that’s the list of things you can’t do under PMEGP. The pro­gram wants to help peo­ple start busi­ness­es that are good for every­one. That’s why these activ­i­ties are not allowed. It’s impor­tant to fol­low these rules so that the pro­gram can achieve its goals of help­ing peo­ple and pro­tect­ing the environment.

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