Responsibilities of the NBFCs accepting/holding public deposits with regard to submission of Returns and other information to RBI

The NBFCs accepting public deposits should furnish to RBI

  1. Annual return of critical parameters by a rejected company holding public deposits – NBS4
  2. Quarterly Return on liquid assets-NBS 3;
  3. Quarterly Return on prudential norms-NBS 2;
  4. Certificate from the Auditors that the company is in a position to repay the deposits as and when the claims arise;
  5. Audited balance sheet of each financial year and an audited profit and loss account in respect of that year as passed in the annual general meeting together with a copy of the report of the Board of Directors and a copy of the report and the notes on accounts furnished by its Auditors;
  6. Statutory Quarterly Return on deposits – NBS 1;
  7. Half-yearly ALM Returns by companies having public deposits of Rs. 20 crore and above or asset size of Rs. 100 crore and above irrespective of the size of deposits holding
  8. Monthly return on exposure to capital market by deposit taking NBFC with total assets of Rs 100 crore and above–NBS6; and
  9. A copy of the Credit Rating obtained once a year

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